Stainless Steel

Gear Styling Stainless Steel Watches

Our casual fashion art watches use stainless steel as the base material. The same allergic-free material is used for the cases, mesh or steel bracelets used on the ultra-thin automatics, and other watches. The timepieces are colored and polished in black, rose gold, or silver. The result is a high gloss sheen to help protect the overall wristwatch from scratches and other minor incidents. Most of our casual quartz watches will come under this menu heading, with the basic difference being your choice of leather, mesh, bracelet band, or strap.
A more refined search from the menu may quicken your search. Use the main heading in the menu and the submenu to help. We love our casual custom art watches and hope our enthusiasm leads you to something you like.
"Urban Chic and Casual Sophistication" is in your hands!
Remember to inquire if you see a design you want in a different style.
We can usually accommodate. 



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