Categorizing our fun custom personalized casual designer art watches.

 Categorizing our fun custom personalized casual designer art watches.

And a little history of our site...

The strange thing is I don’t know how to label these watches?

Initially, I called them “art watches” because the creations used photos from collections of urban and abstract images taken on trips in and out of Europe and many other places. I guess the need for validation as an artist had something to do with it. Placing one’s photos on watch dials and sharing the beauty is the ultimate. However, after researching it a bit, a decision was made to classify the watches according to current nomenclature. The ranking of watches deserves an entire blog, and I will get around to it, but they are what they are.

They fall into the Casual Watch category. However, this is big; we have created a new subcategory.

“Custom Casual Personalized Watches”

What do you think?

You can now buy a casual watch and personalize it with an artistic rendering on the dial. A guy like me so welcomes this new standard.

Hopefully, the watches will appeal to those who love and cherish urban art, have no doubts about who they are, and find joy in “casual sophistication.”

A little history.

I have been on the watch scene for some time and have had the opportunity to write two books on the subject. See the below photos.

I am no expert. But became passionate about watches and had the opportunity to buy and sell watches over the years, turning a hobby into a side hustle. Most of the watches purchased and sold were of vintage stock or unusual contemporary designs. Most were mechanical, and some were quartz or military watches.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the one consistent thread throughout that period was buying and selling self-expressive watches, the “aesthetics” was the thing!

Match an interesting dial and case with decent mechanics to keep it pumping. You have the makings of an attractive, functional designer watch.

The attractive ‘art watches’ sold during this period always had this recipe.

It was always in my head to create a line of ‘art watches.’ However, doing it the conventional way was an expensive proposition.

Times have changed. Today, technology allows us to present attractive art designs on almost anything, including watches.

Photography is another passion of mine, so the opportunity to use the photos taken over the years in European urban settings was too good to pass up.

Back to the process of creating our watches,

As a producer and designer, you must choose the essential components used in your watches. For example, when deciding on the shape of the case, round, rectangle, etc. Next, the guts or the mechanism. Elect whether to use quartz or mechanical movements and even what calibers. Decisions on the bezel size crystal material, whether waterproof or water-resistant, need to be addressed.

They say beauty is skin deep. With wristwatches, to me, the skin is the dial. Yes, it sits within the watch, but usually, your eye is drawn to this before you see the case or strap. Of course, you may look at a piece of gold jewelry on someone’s wrist, which turns out to be a watch!

Our story is about the real estate, the skin, the dial, and how we use it to produce our quartz watches.

We get to peruse many different copyright photos and select what we think will make fun, fashionable personalized timepieces. You can learn about the actual design process for customized products in another blog sitting somewhere on this site.

For our watches, to lower the cost for everyone, the components are pre-selected to expedite and streamline the production.

We use The Citizen 2035 and Miyota 2035 quartz movements in most watches.

The batteries for the quartz watches are easy to replace SONY 377 SR626SW (1.55V).

After sublimation printing on the dials, the watch is then tested for a water-resistant rating at 3atm. Finally, on top of the image sits a mineral-based crystal.

The Warranty for our watches is one year, including the product quality and normal internal work.

Now go back to the catalog and buy yet another possible label, a ‘casual custom personalized designer watch’ for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Expressing yourself never became easier.

Urban Chic and Casual Sophistication

Love It!

I hope this little blurb has answered some of your questions.

If you see a design on a watch but want it on a particular piece, write us. We can usually accommodate a custom request.