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Welcome to Gearstyling

If a bold first impression is important to you and you like
expressing yourself through style and fashion, one of our custom self-designed fashion art watches, will become part of your everyday wardrobe. Gear Styling is always in the hunt for interesting products. Quality products that we design using our one-of-a-kind street and abstract art-oriented photos. Using images of Parisian Street Art, European Graffiti, or Unique Urban Architecture and Structures we put together a collection of designs used for our art watches. The passion for unique watch designs has always been around. You can find two books written on the subject by the author of this site. Combining the joy for photography and creating watches is now a reality.

Recently, we were contacted by a high quality printer who produces superior images on the dials of water-resistant quartz and mechanical watches. We ordered samples and were blown away! They use special inks and sublimation printing on premium watches with fantastic movements. The rendered dials were far superior to many of the watches I have seen over the years. The printed dials on the art watches will last a lifetime.

The unisex watches like the ultra-thin quartz and the mechanical watches are water resistant up to 3atm and come in varied sizes. You can choose either a non-allergic stainless-steel band or a comfortable colored leather strap on most watches including the beautiful wood watches which resemble real art timepieces.

Watches have withstood years innovations. What remains are
custom personalized art watches and timepieces used and worn by millions to boldly express their sense of style and what they care about. Go ahead and explore the catalog... If you see a design, you like, and want it on your custom watch…contact us. We can usually accommodate. 

Please note, we are not Amazon. These are unique custom watches which need time to be produced and shipped.

Your patience and consideration is required when ordering one of our watches. Thanks